February 23, 2024
Avoid Getting Scammed

The digital age has made it easy to launch new products, services, and opportunities, but it’s also given scam artists plenty of opportunities to take advantage of unsuspecting people looking to make some extra money or find that perfect item at an amazing price. Unfortunately, many of these scams are relatively new, so you may not even be aware of them until it’s too late. Use these four tips by Raghib Khan and Faisal Abidi of RNF Technologies to avoid getting scammed online and make sure you get what you pay for—every time!

1) Check Out Their Site

Always check out a company before committing to advertising with them. Look at their site and other work, try out their products and services and get a feel for what they can offer you. If something looks fishy, it probably is.

2) Ask For References

If you’re considering a job or using a digital marketing firm, be sure to ask for references. It’s easy enough for your contact person to provide you with at least three previous clients that they have worked with successfully and can give an honest recommendation on how well that company did their job. If your potential client seems hesitant or does not have any recommendations immediately available, it may be time to go in another direction.

3) Pay With Cash

The easiest way to avoid getting ripped off is to pay with cash. When you pay in cash, there’s no risk of your credit card information being compromised and fraud charges showing up on your statement. Cash purchases are also easier for companies to track than purchases made with credit cards, which makes them more likely to issue refunds if needed. Finally, when you pay in cash you don’t have to worry about duplicate orders because your name will be right there on a receipt or packing slip.

4) Don’t Let Them Near Your Computer

You may not realize it, but when you download an app or something else that needs access to your information, there’s a possibility of fraud. Make sure you’re downloading from reputable sites and take care not to let third parties near your computer. Also be sure you have antivirus software so that if someone does gain access, they won’t be able to cause damage. If you suspect fraud, report it immediately—the faster a problem is reported, the faster it can be resolved.

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