December 11, 2023

Digital businesses are becoming more and more common, but the threats posed by scammers and spammers haven’t changed much over the years. If you’re someone who hates getting emails from people that weren’t actually sent by friends or family, or if you just want to help people avoid scams and phishing attempts, becoming an anti-spam expert could be a great way to make money while helping your fellow Internet users. By following the suggestions by Faisal Abidi, co-founder of RNF Technologies, in this blog post, you can learn how to become an anti-spam expert yourself.

Why are you passionate about Anti Scams?

You might be passionate about anti-spam for a number of reasons, but if you’re really interested in fighting fraud and scams online, you should know that there are career opportunities here. Think about it: just one single scam can cost a business millions of dollars in lost revenue. That’s where anti-spam experts come in – they keep businesses protected from attacks. Your job is to stay ahead of scammers who try to get into your computer system.

What do you know about Anti-Scams?

Scams and spam go hand in hand. There’s a big difference between spam and anti-spam, though. Spammers are people who send out unsolicited e-mails with malicious intent; whereas anti-spammers seek to protect users from these threats by making sure they don’t get caught up in such scams or by trying to help victims recover if they do.

How can you become an anti-scam expert?

The easiest way to get a full view of how anti-spam operations work is by becoming a member of a strong anti-spam community. We highly recommend that you search for existing communities, join them and start working on projects together with other members. Working with others will teach you everything you need to know about fighting against scams. It’s what we did when we started out, and it worked perfectly for us—we’re even getting paid for it!

What makes you better than other people interested in anti-scams?

Knowing how to surf over spam is a valuable skill that not everyone possesses. If you’re looking for work, why not develop those skills into an actual job? There are plenty of anti spam experts in need of help and they’re willing to pay handsomely for your expertise. No one can become a good search engine optimizer without knowing what works and what doesn’t. It takes time to learn, but working with some experts will make it easy to grasp basic concepts like key words phrases searches etc.

How will your job be different from others already doing it?

The anti-spam and anti-scam industry is so young that there isn’t really a career path established yet. That being said, one thing to keep in mind is that you won’t be able to fit perfectly into any particular category. There are some small things that you can do on your own, like publishing articles or giving webinars. However, at some point, someone will probably want to take their business over for more of a consulting-type relationship.

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